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Andamooka Black Opal Doublet

Australian Andamooka Black Opal Doublet is a stunning and unique gemstone that combines the beauty of Andamooka Black Opal with the durability and stability of a doublet. This natural gemstone is created by bonding a thin slice of Andamooka Black Opal to a darker backing material, which enhances the play of color and creates a deeper, richer appearance. Australian Andamooka Black Opal Doublet is prized for its intense black body color, which serves as a dramatic backdrop to the vibrant flashes of color that dance across its surface. This gemstone is said to promote emotional healing and balance, making it a popular choice for those seeking to connect with their inner strength and creativity. Explore our collection of Australian Andamooka Black Opal Doublet jewelry and experience the mesmerizing beauty and energy of this exceptional gemstone for yourself.

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